Luton. The home of Luton Town Football Club, hat-making (weirdly), and the infamous Luton Carnival. It’s certainly a fun and energetic place to be! With so much going on, getting from Lewsey all the way to Luton Airport can be a trek. Lucky for you, that’s why we are here, UVA. UVA is the new way to book a taxi through our e-hailing app. Simply download our app, click where you need to go, and a fully vetted driver will take you from A to B. Simple.

Our honesty is

what sets us


Imagine it? An e-Hailing service that puts its people first.

Where you know what the pricing will be for your journey and where surge charge is fair to both consumer and driver partners.

UVA isn’t just another e-Hailing company. It’s how things should be done. Will be done. Using a network that is quality assured by us. You will know that every vehicle will be as good as the one before.

We pride ourselves on doing things the right way and delivering an excellent service, but our promise to you is that if things aren’t perfect, we’ll sort it, and that’s what sets us apart.

Take care out there

We know, we know… another app… but hold on, by using UVA you are not only getting a low-cost taxi service, but you are also helping the wider Luton community! See unlike other e-hailing companies (we won’t mention any names), we tap into local drivers and fleets within you area. As a result, you are supporting local professionals, and what’s even better is that with UVA these drivers are provided with sick leave and holiday which is unheard of in this profession. That means people like Dave can go on holiday with their family and enjoy some well deserved time off. Sounds like a win-win to us!

UVA Rapport.

Corporate travel done the right way.

UVA Rapport is a market place built for you to keep your business moving. With a standardised service at the right price, we guarantee UVA will be the perfect fit for you. The UVA rapport market place gives your business access to the right solution for all your journeys . From airport to cross City meetings and daily commutes for all your staff, we will redefine Business to Business ground transportation across the UK, to get everyone moving safely.



UVA Assured. Because safety is paramount to us. A better standard.

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Changing the way e-Hailing works for good.

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