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UVA UK is an app-based ride-hailing service. It’s where you know what the pricing will be for your journey. UVA UK isn’t just another ride-hailing company. It’s how things should be.


We’re driven to make a difference.

UVA UK (Pronounced U.V.A.) is an app-based e-Hailing service. It’s where you know what the pricing will be for your journey. UVA UK isn’t just another e-Hailing company. It’s how things should be done. Delivered by a trusted supplier network where the standards are quality assured by us – so you know every ride will be as good as the one before.


We value our network and customers equally

With instant fair pricing and safety features built into our app, we’ve made it our mission to do the right thing.

We lead the way in giving back

We have committed to donating 3% of our net annual profits to British charities and social schemes. UVA will form UVA Charity to administer the giveaways.

We are environmentally conscious

UVA will participate effectively in UK various schemes to protect environment and greenery which include but not limited to planting trees.

It’s personal

As well as keeping our drivers informed with company performance and company values, we will also create a personal service for our customers who will not only know what vehicle they are getting into but know who their driver is (complete with fun facts).

How to use UVA

Booking a UVA local driver is easy. Firstly you will need to download our app, and fill in a few details. Once done, all you need to do is ping where you want to go, and the closest driver will arrive at your door in no time. 

It’s that simple, and once you have the UVA app downloaded, you can book a ride with ease. What’s even better is that you will be supporting a local driver and their family!

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