Michael Agius Appointed CEO of UVA World & Darren Ward CEO of UVA UK

We are pleased to announce that Michael Agius has been appointed as UVA World’s new CEO, effective immediately. 

Michael joins the team bringing a new sense of direction for the company with 12 years of experience in various tech companies and other courier businesses. He moves into this role with an appetite for success. 

Being a founder of his own software company, Michael comes on board bringing a new sense of direction for the company. Already, Michael has begun to focus on ensuring that UVA’s people-first approach is consistent in other countries. Working alongside Darren Ward, Michael is based in the UK and is continuing to support the UVA UK expansion.

Michael went on to say: ‘I am incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to help lead UVA World. With UVA UK proving to be a success I want to help expand the reach of the company further. This is going to be a fantastic journey and one that will lead to success.

He then went on to explain what success looks like for UVA World. With a ‘people-first approach’, Michael’s ambition is to provide the best experience for both customers and drivers. In this case, unlike other e-hailing companies, UVA looks to support and grow its driver base, and this is a factor Michael wishes to push hard across the rest of the business. 

Darren, the CEO of UVA UK expressed his excitement for Michael as UVA World’s CEO, stating: ‘I have worked with Michael for a number of years now, and I know that UVA World is in safe hands. His dedication will help drive alignment across the world and ultimately lead to growth. I look forward to continuing to work with him’. 

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