Getting from A to B and having a good time is sometimes hard these days. Whether you want to go to the pub for a few drinks after work or you are planning to go to a dinner party, driving can limit your experience.

What’s even more annoying is if you don’t even drive at all! That means you must rely on a bus, train, or even your own two legs to get to that party; it can be a pain. Well, that’s where UVA comes in.

So, to celebrate what we can do for you, we have compiled a shortlist of how using an e-hailing company like UVA can help you in your week!

Getting your weekly shopping

Getting to and from your weekly shop on the bus must be a pain, right? More importantly, booking a delivery can be inconsistent, and it means you don’t always get the best choice. Sometimes it’s best to do it yourself! So, a great option may be to book a driver who can take you to and from your local supermarket.

Hosting a dinner party

Say you are having guests over on the weekend, typically your friends tend to show up late, now here’s an idea that could save your food from going cold, get your guests to use an e-hailing service like UVA! This will allow your friends to arrive in good time and not have to worry about parking or walking back to yours in the morning hungover…

Going out to town?

Planning a group night out? Having pre-drinks at yours? Well, you will want to get to town quickly to ensure that you are not queuing for the club for ages! By pre-booking an e-hailing service like UVA you can get a lift to the town centre with ease. What’s even better is you can share the cost with your friends, making it just as cheap as public transport.

Getting to a concert

Don’t let getting to a concert ruin the fun. Seeing one of your favourite artists or bands is an exciting opportunity and a time to party. With a service like UVA, you can guarantee that you won’t be waiting forever to get to that gig, or hanging around on cramped public transport. With UVA you can even get weekly discounts so it won’t cost you a fortune. We will get you to the event hassle-free.

Late for work

Did your alarm not go off? Fancy not walking in that horrible British rain? Well, you don’t want to be late for work, and the issue is you need to get there fast, you start in 20 minutes! Don’t worry companies like UVA are here to help, you can easily order a local driver to your location in minutes. So, whilst you are quickly brushing your teeth after scoffing a piece of toast, a driver is already on their way.

This is just a shortlist of situations when an e-hailing service can help you with your week, but there are certainly many more! E-hailing services are great for when you want to get to a venue, a shop, or anywhere, and not have to worry about the journey. Sometimes it’s not about the journey!

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